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Teach Our Daughters – and Sons



We need to teach our daughters to distinguish between:

a man who flatters her
and a man who compliments her,

a man who spends money on her
and a man who invests in her,

a man who views her as property
and a man who views her properly,

a man who lusts after her
and a man who loves her,

a man who believes he’s a gift to women
and a man who believes she’s a gift to him.

And then we need to teach our sons
to be that kind of man.

(author unknown)


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  1. John's Gravatar John
    August 29, 2016    

    There are many things we should teach our children. But I believe instilling the traditions of our heritage and past should be one of the them.

    Tradition is particularly important to an individual, family and society. By tradition, we remain close and educated to what we’ve came from. Otherwise the dangers of modernity will strip us of all knowledge and we have no grounds, fundamentals nor truth to stand on. And we become prey to anything.

    As we can clearly see this affecting us today.

    • Stephen Clay McGehee's Gravatar Stephen Clay McGehee
      August 29, 2016    

      One of the great strengths of our Western European heritage is the appreciation for looking back as well as looking forward – an appreciation that few other cultures share. Tradition is the “looking back” part of that.

      I have recently adopted a motto for myself that helps me keep this in focus – “Not For Our Time, But For All Time.” Passing those traditions on to your sons and daughters and grandchildren helps ensure that our culture will continue to stand “For All Time.”

      • September 4, 2016    

        I am very glad to see what looks like an M800 in the header picture. I cannot believe I have not found “Be A Southern Gentleman” before — this blog is exactly what young men and women need, and a great reminder for the rest of us. Good work, as always, Stephen.

        • Stephen Clay McGehee's Gravatar Stephen Clay McGehee
          September 4, 2016    

          Thank you for the kind words.

          A very sharp eye you have, sir! It’s actually a Souverän M600 – one size down from the M800 since I wanted the slightly slimmer profile to carry in my pocket. Pelikan has the best balance between quality and price for my needs. I have several nice fountain pens, including my father’s Esterbrook that I had completely refurbished. There is just something about a fine fountain pen that must be experienced to be appreciated. There is a strong sense of tradition involved in it – especially in one that has been handed down from father to son.

          It’s always a pleasure hearing from you, Brett. Literally, not a day goes by that I am not reading something on Amerika.org .

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