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Paying Attention to Posture

I find myself having to regularly focus on maintaining good posture. It does not come naturally for me – I have to remain conscious of the need to sit and stand up straight. I could use the excuse that my physical height (I am 6’6″ tall) requires more effort to maintain good posture, but that is just an excuse. A Southern ge [...]

For Good Men To Do Nothing

A quote attributed to Edmund Burke is “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” Borrowing that thought, All that is necessary for our Southern culture and heritage to be destroyed is for good men to do nothing. Every time we choose to not wear a tie with a confederate symbol to avoid “offen [...]

Exile or Ambassador?

How does a Southern gentleman deal with an unavoidable move to a place far from Dixie? I have heard from several Southern gentlemen who have found themselves, for one reason or another, living deep among the Northern people. Being Southern gentlemen, simply assimilating into the Northern culture is not an option. They have to choose between t [...]