Every man is going to be something. Be a Southern gentleman.

It’s Moving Day

The Be A Southern Gentleman blog began an outgrowth from The Southern Agrarian blog in 2014, and now it is time to move back home again. The content that made up this blog is once again part of The Southern Agrarian. This move allows me to better focus my efforts rather than trying to divide between The Southern Agrarian, Southern Agrarian Society, and Be A Southern Gentleman. The lifestyle of the Southern gentleman originated in the Southern Agrarian culture, so it is only natural for us to return to our roots.

I invite you to join us at The Southern Agrarian, and encourage you to subscribe to The Southern Agrarian email list.

A Southern gentleman never turns his back on his rich Southern heritage. What motives others may impose on the Confederate flag in their mind is their problem - not ours. Don't let anyone steal your heritage.

The Civil Right – Traditional Southern culture and civility, and the social/political system that results from it.