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For Good Men To Do Nothing

A quote attributed to Edmund Burke is “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” Borrowing that thought, All that is necessary for our Southern culture and heritage to be destroyed is for good men to do nothing. Every time we choose to not wear a tie with a confederate symbol to avoid “offending” someone, every time we decide to not display the Confederate flag in an appropriate and respectful manner so as to not upset the neighbors, and every time we fail to speak out when The South is attacked, we lose just a bit more of our proud heritage.

If good Southern men will not identify and align themselves with Southern heritage and culture, then all that is left are those who misrepresent and degrade our heritage. We should all strive to have a good reputation in the community. By clearly identifying ourselves with Southern heritage and culture, we increase the honor and good will associated with The South. By avoiding Southern association, we abandon the reputation of our heritage to those who drag the Confederate flag through the mud for their own self-interest.

Every time someone comes in contact with a Southern gentleman wearing a Confederate tie or lapel pin, someone’s attitude is changed. Every time someone passes a well-kept house with a Stainless Banner or Third National flag waving in the breeze, someone’s attitude is changed. Do your part to promote the image of The South. Don’t be one of the “good men who did nothing”.

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  1. John's Gravatar John
    July 30, 2016    

    Sir, there’s one thing I’ve learned in the last 3 years, especially within the last year, is the importance of knowing the truth of our history. Karl Marx said once, “If you can cut the people off from their history, then they can be easily persuaded.” If a man only has this modern age to seek and to form from, then we will certainly have the product of men we have today. If a man will really dig and search into American history and seek for himself the truth of how our nation was formed then we will see the men who opposed the same tyranny in 1861.

    As the old saying goes, knowing is half the battle. Any man worth his salt will not take hearsay or any other man’s word until he has carefully sought the validity of the truth. And as sure as the Lord Jesus Christ sits at the right hand of His Father, the truth of American history is still out there waiting to be found. Only those who want to know the truth will find it. But our society has instilled a great laziness in the generations since the War For Southern Independence.

    It isn’t only the job of our parents or schools to teach us the truth. We must find out for ourselves. But sadly, more folks would rather keep up with the Kardashians than research and study to make better citizens of themselves. And for this reason, we have America as we know it.

    A man’s history and heritage is 2nd in importance to his salvation and part of his moral character.

    • Stephen Clay McGehee's Gravatar Stephen Clay McGehee
      July 30, 2016    

      Very well said, sir. We can learn much from the quotes of great men – even when those great men were thoroughly evil as was Karl Marx. I have a Pinterest board that is a collection of great quotes that reflect my beliefs – https://www.pinterest.com/stephencmcgehee/1788-conservative/

A Southern gentleman never turns his back on his rich Southern heritage. What motives others may impose on the Confederate flag in their mind is their problem - not ours. Don't let anyone steal your heritage.

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