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Exile or Ambassador?

How does a Southern gentleman deal with an unavoidable move to a place far from Dixie? I have heard from several Southern gentlemen who have found themselves, for one reason or another, living deep among the Northern people. Being Southern gentlemen, simply assimilating into the Northern culture is not an option. They have to choose between two alternatives – being an exile or an ambassador. My hope is that every Southern gentleman who finds himself in that situation will choose the role of ambassador.

Webster’s Dictionary defines an ambassador as:

a diplomatic agent of the highest rank accredited to a foreign government or soverign as the resident representative of his own government or sovereign…
an unofficial representative.

That, sirs, is the role that should be assumed. Being a Southern ambassador does not mean criticizing Northern culture, nor does it mean boasting of the superiority of Southern culture. It means being a Southern gentleman.

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  1. Charles R. Reeves II's Gravatar Charles R. Reeves II
    April 22, 2016    

    Sir, thank you for your comments to those of us that are geographically challenged. Your original SOUTHERN GENTLEMAN blog helped me maintain perspective when The Lord sent my family to Nevada. I must admit I have been guilty of falling into the Exile in Residence mode from time to time. Mostly when the Lakes and Rivers all dry up in the Summer, or when I have to travel 30 miles to see a naturally occurring tree that is taller them I am.
    I have tried to be The Lord’s Ambassador most of my life and now you Sir challenge me to be an Ambassador of my Southern Culture. I like the way you think! What a better way to spend my time until we are Repatriated or The Lord takes us home. I salute you Sir!

    Your Servant,
    Charles R. Reeves II

    • Stephen Clay McGehee's Gravatar Stephen Clay McGehee
      April 22, 2016    

      Thank you, sir. It was a real pleasure reading your remarks. It is far too easy to watch what is happening today in our world and get deeply discouraged. We need to remind ourselves that we still have some measure of control and influence over those closest to us. That gives us the opportunity to show those attacks to be wicked, and to remind the world that we have something better to offer than what the mass media is enticing them with.

      “Until we are Repatriated or The Lord takes us home” – what a great perspective!

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