Every man is going to be something. Be a Southern gentleman.

Every man is going to be something.
Be a Southern Gentleman.

scm_whitebkgrnd_250x250_psBe a Southern Gentleman is published by Stephen Clay McGehee.

We are not born with the knowledge of what a Southern gentleman is, and the cultural resources that were once in place have all but disappeared. The culture of the Southern people is rapidly disappearing and being replaced with the crude and the base and the profane. The Southern gentleman stands steadfastly in the way, and it is our intent to do all we can to support that effort.

Being a Southern gentleman is about how one chooses to live his life. It is not about “stuff” or clothing or the way a man handles the day-to-day chores of life, yet that is what much of this blog will be about since we are also dealing with the outward appearance and the practical details of life.

No man acts like a Southern gentleman all the time. We are all flawed and sinful men, so we do the best we can do and strive to do better next time. I’m sure that even Robert E. Lee had days when he just shook his head and wondered how he could have acted so poorly. When that happens, we try to fix the situation, and then carry on. We learn from our mistakes and keep in mind that we strive for a higher goal than what today’s society might expect.

Much of what defines Southern culture and the Southern gentleman was at the roots of the Southern Agrarian movement that reached its peak in the 1930’s. This blog began as an outgrowth of The Southern Agrarian blog and the now-closed Confederate Colonel blog.

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A Southern gentleman never turns his back on his rich Southern heritage. What motives others may impose on the Confederate flag in their mind is their problem - not ours. Don't let anyone steal your heritage.

The Civil Right – Traditional Southern culture and civility, and the social/political system that results from it.